Manuke FPS Chapter 13

Over here. May be a bit strange because I don’t remember what I did yesterday…

Also, I’m picking up a new side-project, so recommend any light novels that anyone has explicitly said they are dropping or has not been translated. Hopefully something without not too many already translated chapters so I can get up to speed quickly.

I chose VERMILION – ÉTRANGER À L’ARC ROUGE because the guy’s name is “Jap the Ripper.” If there are any others you like that have short chapters or easy wording, I might still take them on (vermilion may be a bit of a handful).



I tried changing the color of the background so that links and text would be distinguishable from one-another, and still have the text be easy to read, and on a dark background. Let me know if the text is hard to read now that I changed it, and if you have a better background color suggestion, the background is #482918, the links are #F18383 or #d25349, and normal text is #AF968C. I think the text colors are dynamic, so it may need a bit of adjusting if you find a better color.



In the status area (settings/gear button up top) I update my status and progress as well as some info, so check up there if you want to know whats happening. Also, if  it’s something bigger I may inform through another post in the form of a Status Post (orange with keyhole icon like this one) about something coming up / happening if I cant fit it into the Status area. Also, I like turtles. Turtles are good.