Don’t worry, Chapter 6 this weekend…

I’m doing it now because  I did my homework and went to sleep after school this week, and yesterday I got distracted… Anyway, it should be done today or tomorrow because I have all day. I will probably also begin on 7 since I have 3 days. I’m still alive.




Hello! I am the mighty potato, here to translate a few things.

I am just starting out as a translator and only have some experience in Japanese, and even less in Chinese. I will do my best, but I think the quality and accuracy will not be the best.

There are some projects that I have read that I’ve seen being put as side-projects, and not receive many updates, so I’m mainly doing MTL of those projects which have raws so that I can read them, while polishing them up somewhat so that you may enjoy them too.

I will not be hiring a proofreader or any other translators, as I will be doing this when I feel like it. If someone else takes it upon themselves to TLC and proofread this, go ahead, and do so. I might not check in too often, but if you send me a message, I might update it. Don’t expect much because I am lazy and stuff… Try posting the link to it if you upload the PRed/TLCed version somewhere else. Basically, I’m here to provide Pre-Translated and In Need Of PR/TLC content.

That said, who knew that translation could be so hard. I only know some basic grammar and words, plus the Hiragana and Katakana, as well as a few Kanji (1-10, 100, 1k, 1M, day, night, days…). Just the beginner stuff, because I’m still learning, and just started.

So, Yay. GFHL.