Manuke FPS Chapter 8

The Fort City Barga is the central city of this area, and is enclosed by a 5m high stone wall. It is in the shape of a large rectangle with 2km sides, though it seems somewhat skewed and distorted in parts. The population surpasses 60,000, and it seems to be the metropolis of the western Kurt Merga kingdom.

The reason the city extends to here and is surrounded by walls is due to demonic beasts and the sub-races, as well as labyrinths. There are labyrinths to the north, south, and east of the city, and adventurers gravitate to the city to fend off the monsters and gather materials from the labyrinths. The merchants come to make money off of the adventurer’s findings, and trade with them. Knights were stationed here in order to deal with the overflow of of sub-races, monsters, and demonic creatures, and in the castle resides the feudal lord.

And now that a new labyrinth had been discovered near Mairal village, there was now a labyrinth to the west as well. Remi said that there was a labyrinth to the north, west, east, and south of the city. This city was likely to continue to undergo radical development, moreso than ever before due to the new discovery.

I worried whether any problems would arise when I entered the city, but Remi, who was a guild investigator, could enter without a hitch and get by the gatekeeper. She appeared to have shown some sort of ID, but Ashley and I went unverified.

The wagon rocked as we rode through a large, wide street that seemed to be the main road to Barga. Looking at the surroundings, the road was lined with stone houses and merchants. Masonry seems to be important or a symbol of wealth, because there were only wooden buildings in Mairal village, and this city was absolutely beautiful, like the French Carcassonne.

Our destination in this city, the General Guild, was in the center of the city near the White Castle, where the feudal lord resides. It is also known as Barudejyu Castle. After looking at the castle, I look over to Ashley to verify my action plan.

“Ashley, I, in the guild, what, do?”

“Yes, first lets do adventurers registration, because Black-san needs an ID card. Because it would lower the evaluation and strength of the guild, adventurers must have proof of experience and/or exploration or else they will be rejected. You have proof of defeating the Goblin Mage, so you should be accepted. After that, for a while, stay in Barga? There are more chances to live here and work as an adventurer, even merchants and craftsmen flock to here. It is a city with much opportunity. I don’t know about merchants or craftsmen, but Black-san can give in the results as an adventurer immediately.”

“Ashley, I’m going to the Director to give a report. In the meantime, guide Black-kun and find an inn and a place to eat, So then, a good inn… Somewhere with good meals, and is close to the guild.”

“Thank you. Ashley, to, ask, assistance, please”

“Well, so be it. I’ll make Ashley do it. We should eat dinner together, there’s only dried meat on the wagon and I’m hungry.”

“Ok, I understand. We have arrived. Black-san, this is the Barga branch of the General Guild.”

The general guild was not just a single building. There were many wide and large buildings that seemed to be for different purposes. Remi operated the wagon and went towards the back of the site where there was a sign saying, “Fork ahead.” Maybe stables or a parking lot? It is probably something like that, and I followed after Ashley and entered one of the larger one-storied houses.

“This building is the General Guild’s Main Building for adventurers and explorers. Here, orders for new registration and requests can be done. Do you see that receptionist over there? You can sign the forms to register as an adventurer there.”

In a nutshell, the general guild was like a bank. Something like a bulletin board stood to my left and right, and large numbers of adventurers swarmed around them looking for requests.

Some reception desks and counter windows were to the front and there were many staff working there, moving around. The window where Ashley told me to go to was the window with a chair in front of it at the edge of the line, so I assume this will take a while.

“Welcome to the Kurt Merga Kingdom General Guild, Barga Branch. Are you here for adventurer registration today?”

Sitting at the window was a receptionist, a slender and fair-skinned beauty. Her ears were long and small, covered by straight silver hair. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen. She was a woman from the Elf race.

“Hello, Mirimaria. This is Black-san, he’s here to become an adventurer.”

It seems she and Ashley were acquaintances, Well, Ashley is a guild investigator… It isn’t all that mysterious for her to be acquainted with those working in the same guild, nor to encounter them while in the guild.

“Oh, Ashley, you returned! Welcome back! As for that guy, are you sure he’s the right person for you? To accompany someone to register, not that it isn’t unusual?”

“It is, but it’s not that kind of relationship! I met him while investigating and we came here together.”

Ashley was being made fun of by the elf Mirimaria while her cheeks were dyed red. Mirimaria smiles as if it was funny and interesting.

Speaking of Elves, they tend to live long lives, but is is difficult to tell their age from their appearance, and their life expectancy is unknown. In an older sister like manner, Ashley began to feel for something… but I want to hurry up and register…

“Aside from that, lets register quickly! After this, present the evidence of subjugation so we can go to the inn earlier.”

“Yes yes, so Black-san? Please fill in this paper. Can you write letter? If you can’t I can do it for you. And if is not necessary to fill in everything, however the information cannot be modified later on, so please take care not to make any mistakes.”

On the paper was issued were several entries. There was name, age, hometown, main weapon, main magic attribute, main skill, and if I had a tax certificate or not, adding up to a total of 8 items.

“…..Please write it for me.”

It seemed that it was to be written with a brush rather than a pen, pencil. I was likely to make a mistake because I don’t have experience in writing with utensils like the brush or quill.

“So I should write ‘Black’ only for your name?”

Ashley was takes the feather pen and was about to write, but the word ‘only’ bothered me. I wonder if she suspected that it was a pseudonym? That reminds me that Ashley identified herself as Ashley Zepanell when we met. Up until now, people whose names I new had first and last parts, possibly born as aristocrats and nobility? And people inherit their families name?
In other words, they are suspicious of whether or not I was an noble or something?

“Yes, Yes, “Black” is fine, please.”

“Okay, then age and birthplace.”

“I, 24 years old. Hometown, blank.”

“24 years old, that’s older than me. And the main weapon of use and magic attribute?”

“Blank, both.”

“…Yes. And what about for skills and abilities?”
I don’t know what skills or abilities I have! What about fencing? I don’t know if my skills from VMB count, nor if I even have them right now.

“So, there also, blank.”

“……….. Yes. Then do you have a tax certificate from the last place you lived?”

“No, I don’t.”

After all, having someone else write it, my name and age were the only information I could provide. However, it may be bad that I don’t have a tax certificate.
Mirimaria who had been listening to the exchanges between me and Ashley were now, clear, sharp, and doubtful. Apparently I was a suspicious individual.

“Excuse me, Black-san. Do you not have any experience in taxes? In the Kurt Merga kingdom, those over 15 are obligated to pay taxes. It is 30 silver, or 30,000 Oru a year until you are 20 years old, and from 21 it is 1 gold coin, so a tax of 100000 Oru is necessary for a year. When you left your hometown or parent’s house, did your parents say nothing about a tax payment record?”

I had casually confirmed the currency of this world before arriving in Barga in the wagon on the way here.

The gold Oru.
1 Stone : 1 Oru
1 Copper : 10 Stone : 10 Oru
10 Copper : 100 Oru
100 Copper : 1 Silver : 1000 Oru
10 Silver : 10000 Oru
100 Silver : 1 Gold : 100000 Oru
10 Gold : 1M Oru
100 Gold : 1 Platinum Coin : 10M Oru
This was the value of the coins. However, I don’t know what to do… I fell into another world, just to pay taxes?


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